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– Tom (Nina’s son)

Memorial Art Show

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Steve McLaughlin

    Tom….. Your mom would come up to Bodega Bay to visit when she had time. She would drop off samples of Golden products for me to try. I had close to retiring from a career with IBM, and was living in China, when on a short trip home , bumped into her at a art supply store she was doing business with. After a few “rookie questions ” on the use of her products, she quickly surmised that I was a true beginner. We instantly hit it off and kept in touch. I had the honor of having her and friend (he collected trains-forgot his name) stay at my home a few weekends while I was back in China. I remember your mom’s thank you note left on the kitchen counter, “hopefully we left no footprints”. of course, none were left. I have always had a fond memory of your mom, her warm smile, passion for art, and willingness to help us beginners enjoy the world of art. I continue to paint-primarily for the joy, but with the encouragement provided by Nina. Thank you for providing the site…. it brought back special memories.

  2. Nina was a wonderful person: open, honest, funny and fun to go landscape painting with. I met her when she worked at Amsterdam Art in Berkeley years ago. We started going landscape painting together particularly in China Camp,
    and then later in the Bay area or down to Yosemite after my wife and I moved to Modesto. Parked by the side of the road ,kneeling, easels on the ground we’d paint till the light failed . I cherish those memories and her friendship. Bruce Klein

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