Memorial Art Show

What better way to honor Nina’s memory than with a gallery show of her art? Nina’s Memorial Art Show took place on Friday evening, April 13th and Saturday afternoon, April 14th, 2012, bookending the memorial service held at the Brazillian Room in Tilden Park.

The show took place at Gruenwald Press in San Francisco. Nina had taken a printmaking class there. The owner of the shop, John Gruenwald, remembered her fondly and was very kind to lend us the space for the event.

Gallery Walkthrough

Closeup Views

2 thoughts on “Memorial Art Show”

  1. I have such good memories of Nina when I worked at Amsterdam Art., she was such a wonderful kind soul. This is fantastic what you’ve done with her artwork—I really enjoyed seeing it. Thank you!

  2. Susan Walker Gardner

    Thank you, Tom. I’m having a perfect emotional Easter morning mix of tears and smiles and admiration looking at Nina’s work. She’s a better artist than I realized growing up, and has a larger range of styles than I knew. Of course I wish I had realized and told her then. This is absolutely wonderful. I treasure the small pieces like the lunch bag and nibbled bill as much as the “public” pieces. Nina had such a deft assured way with line drawings that captured so much character, motion and intent, and I can imagine being satisfied with that, but she pushed farther. So many beautiful and touching pictures, gorgeous sun-drenched China Camp, long distances to ponder.

    The picture of her is perfect. Her raised eyebrows invite me to join her in some merry exploration. There may be mischief.

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