A Fresh Look

Hi! Tom here, Nina’s son. I’ve been dreaming of updating this site to showcase Nina’s art. She made so much! Sometimes I just want to see her, and her work. I’m hoping this website can be a place for that.

I also hope this site can offer a means of communication, albeit an imperfect one, between the many people Nina knew and who knew her. It’s a bit of an experiment. Hopefully the comment sections will be usable.

I aim to make semi-regular updates to the site, adding new content as I find it and/or can digitize it. So check back from time to time. Or subscribe to this blog and I’ll make a post whenever there’s a major update (probably a couple times a year).

If you have any of Nina’s artwork I’d love to get a digital copy of it to add to the site. I’d be happy to help with photo taking and all manner of tech support. Let me know.



p.s. Thanks to Sam for maintaining this site for so long and doing so, so much to support Nina!

A photo of Sam and Tom in front of a gallery wall showing Nina's artwork.
Sam and Tom and Nina’s Memorial Art Show in April, 2012

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